Our Company

Australian Energy Research Laboratories Pty Ltd (AERL) designs and manufactures highly reliable, efficient and specialised power electronic controllers for use in Solar, Micro Hydro, Micro Wind and Cathodic Protection applications.

Founded in 1985 to pioneer the development and commercialization of the world’s first Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) Solar Charge Controller for use in photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems, AERL has now developed a number of different models of high-performance power electronic controllers for use in multiple renewable energy power applications.

All AERL products are designed and manufactured locally onshore here in Australia, under strict quality control standards in a certified ISO 9001 facility.

Since its founding, AERL has supplied thousands of quality controllers to satisfied customers throughout Australia, Asia, Africa, North and South American, and Europe.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, AERL is comprised of a committed team of highly innovative engineers, technical designers, manufacturing specialists, and industry professionals who continue to uphold and maintain AERL's established reputation as a world leader in delivering highly efficient and reliable products to the global renewable energy market.