Our Vision

AERL's vision is to be the global market leader in renewable solar energy power solutions by manufacturing premium, reliable and durable solar technology products.

AERL contributes its industry leading success to intense research and development, investing nearly 100% of excess revenue from its manufacturing operation into R&D.

The focus of AERL’s technology development has been in areas directly related to energy conservation (renewable energy and electric vehicles technologies) and to the conservation of energy-intensive infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines.

We expect the stunning growth rate of the international Solar PV industry to result in ever-increasing demand for AERL’s revolutionary products. AERL will continue to play an important role in accelerating the growth of the Global Renewable Energy Industry.

At AERL, we are motivated and inspired every day by the ways our customers use our innovative MAXIMIZER™ products to find creative solutions to energy problems.

We are committed to the long-term mission of helping our customers realize the full potential of their energy systems.

We constantly update and improve our products and aspire to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they emerge.