Solar Car Controller


The RaceMax 600B MAXIMIZER™ is a high efficiency, boost only, common negative peak power point tracker specially designed for Solar Racing Cars. It employs a tracking algorithm which regulates the PV array voltage to a fixed percentage of its open circuit voltage.

AERL’s MPP tracking strategy has been proven to be highly efficient and robust (ie. greatly immune to local extrema) resulting in power losses of less than 0.5% over the whole operating temperature range of a PV array.

The AERL RaceMax MPPT is an ideal choice for solar car teams looking to get the most out of their PV array.

$1,169.00 AUD

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Solar Car Controller

Key Features

  • Ultra-high Peak Efficiencies > 99%
  • Superior MPPT Response & Power Advantage
  • Highly reliable operation up to 50°C
  • Passive Cooling – Fan-less Design
  • Output Voltage Options between 48 -144V
  • Compatible with all Solar Cells and Battery Arrays
  • Compact and Lightweight Design – 750g


  • 600B


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