Radio Signal Communications Base Stations for the Pilbara Rail Network - Western Australia

A commercial solar installation project completed in Western Australia involving 28 x AERL COOLMAX SR Solar Charge Controllers installed into 7 x off-grid systems located on 7 x separate sites powering Radio Signal Communications Base Stations for the Railways.

System specifications for each site are as follows:
ARRAY: SunPower panels wired in 3 parallel strings of 4 x 327 Watt panels in series per controller (total of 12 x 327 W panels total per controller).
BATTERIES: 2 x parallel strings of Sonnenschein A602 960 AH cells, nominal voltage of 120V
CONTROLLERS: 4 x AERL COOLMAX SR Charge Controllers per system with the following settings - PV Voltage OC on the input side 260V, Mp Volt 210V. Battery settings - Float Volt138, Bulk Volt 141, Blk Rst V 125.5, Blk Time 1hr. Average current each regulator is supplying to the battery load 23-25 Amp midday peak.
INVERTER: Selectronic PS1

Australian Solar Council Practical Solar Hybrid and Off-Grid Systems Training - Healesville, Victoria

Solar Hybrid and Off-Grid Battery Storage training courses operated by the Australian Solar Council and conducted by Glen Morris, teaching installers just how easy it is to install and operate AERL CoolMax SR MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.

Evergreen Energy Technologies Hybrid Power Cathodic Protection Systems – Calgary, Canada

Canadian company, Evergreen Energy Technologies has put together a package combining their Skid-Mounted Hybrid Power Generator with an AERL CoolPro CP Controller for Cathodic Protection applications.

Evergreen have been successfully showcasing this new system, called the SkHyGen / CoolPro Package, at various exhibitions in Canada including the 2014 International Pipeline Expo as seen in the first two images below.

Evergreen have also been trialing the AERL CoolPro CP controller with their Mobile Hybrid Power Generator (MoHyGen) trailer unit with very positive results.
The last image below shows this system deployed at a remote pipeline site.

Evergreen Energy Technologies website can be found here.

Ergon Energy 120V Stand-alone Power Supply Systems - outback Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia

Ergon Energy’s Renewable Energy Solutions Group designed and installed nearly 100 x 120V Stand-alone Power Supply Systems in various locations (including cattle stations and National Parks) around outback Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

These systems were one- and three-phase systems with up to 20kW of PV. Ergon Energy selected AERL as the preferred supplier of MPPT Solar Charge Controllers for all of these systems.

The images below illustrate an earlier Ergon installation in Lingara, Northern Territory, originally installed and commissioned in 2004. The system included 13 x 120V controllers and in 2013, three of these units were upgraded to the latest model AERL units (COOLMAX SR series). The three new units were installed side by side with the earlier model AERL MPPTs, which were all still operating even after already almost 10 years on the job!

AERL Micro-Wind Turbine Controller Prototype Trials - French Island, Victoria

AERL's first Micro-Wind Turbine Controller prototype installed with a 3kW Kingspan Wind Turbine on French Island for field testing.

AERL Micro-Hydro Turbine Controller Trial - Victoria

AERL's first Micro-Hydro Turbine Controller prototype being put through its paces with 4 x 1 kW micro-hydro turbines.

Gas Metering Station Macedon Onshore Gas Plant - Karratha, Western Australian

A standalone Solar Power System installed in 2012/13 to power a Gas Metering Station at Macedon Onshore Gas Plant in Karratha, Western Australia.

60 x Suntech STP190S PV Panels, 2 banks of 24 batteries each 48VDC and 10 x AERL COOLMAX SR Rack Mount Solar Charge Controllers were used in this system.

Australian Solar Industries (ASI) Stand Alone PV Power Systems

Australian Solar Industries has been installing AERL controllers since AERL's founding. ASI have numerous years of experience using the products.

The image below is a recent stand alone power system installed by ASI using AERL's COOLMAX SR MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.

MPower Solar Powered ICCP Cathodic Protection Systems

AERL and MPower joined forces to develop a Solar Powered ICCP Cathodic Protection Sytem using the AERL CoolPro CP Controller and AERL CoolMax MPPT Solar Charge Controller.
This image depicts AERL and MPower staff working a joint booth at an APIA Conference and Exhibition to promote this great system.

Delta Lloyd and the Dutch Solar Boat Challenge

AERL Solar Charge Controllers helped lead the Dutch Solar Boat Racing Team, Delta Lloyd, to win the Topclass Category of the biennial Dutch Solar Boat Challenge, the world cup for solar powered boats, in 2008 and come third place in 2010.

After winning in 2008, Delta Lloyd Solar Boat Team member, Bart Meenks, excitedly emailed AERL the following testimony:
"For us the AERL Maximizer solar charge controllers we had performed very well and helped us to win our race! I want to thank for your help during our preparations for the race. Your Maximizer Solar Charge Controllers performed 100% top! No problems at all... Once again thank you for your contribution to our victory!"

After another good result in the 2010 Dutch Solar Boat Challenge, the Delta Lloyd team were so impressed with the performance of the AERL controllers that they decided to do some lab tests on them with measurement equipment from one of their sponsors (Chroma) to see just how efficient the AERL units really are.

Using Chroma's excellent test equipment, they found the peak MPPT efficiency (ie. how well it can track/find the panels maximum power point) of the AERL controller to be a staggering 99%!

40KVA Stand Alone Solar Hybrid Power System - Australia

40KVA Stand Alone Solar Power System with diesel generator installed and commissioned in Australia in 2007. Feeding this system is 192 Solar PV Panels supplying power to 16 x AERL Maximizer 1800BHV MPPT Solar Charge Controllers and charging 3 x 120V battery banks.

The following photos were taken in 2013, the system has been operating without issue to date.