MPPT Solar Charge Controllers


CoolMax SRX MPPT Solar Charge Controllers feature 30 years of MPPT innovation, offering a superior tracking algorithm with an ultra-low loss, high efficiency thermal design backed by our Australian factory warranty and local support.

With Record Breaking Conversion Efficiencies and Higher Input Voltage options, the SRX will improve your return on investment and reduce installation costs.

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AERL SRX MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Key Features

Superior Peak Power Efficiency > 99%

Ultra-low heat Thermal Design

Designed for Long Term Reliability

Built-In Overload and Thermal Protection

Smart Multi-Stage Battery Charging


SRX 60 180

SRX 45 290

Did you know?

AERL developed the original MPPT solar charge controller back in 1985 while operating out of the founders garage.